Room Service by Cosmic Morgan

cosmic morgan

Photo by Linda Muniz

Photo by Linda Muniz


I am an intuitive that reads energies in rooms & assists people ~ hoteliers ~ in aligning their spaces with their intentions.


Located in Tulum | Available Worldwide

creative :: visionary :: muse

Cosmic Morgan combines 12 years of interior design experience + feng shui principles + sheer intuition into her curation of hospitality spaces.

While many designers work with the art of feng shui based on space layout; Morgan’s design aesthetic starts with the individual - the hotel, and what they are manifesting in their spaces. These rooms are living too, you know.

Morgan uses design, as a psychic would Tarot cards; looking to the aesthetics to tell the story of its owner’s deepest desires. The magic of Morgan’s work is identifying + creating subtle energetic shifts to bring the space into alignment with growth + dreams.

When the energy of a space is shifted + aligned; it creates an invigorated, vibration + endless possibilities.